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What are the tips for purchasing hotel supplies soap?

What are the tips for purchasing hotel supplies soap?

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How about the quality of hotel supplies soap? How to distinguish between good and bad? Nowadays, the quality of hotel hotel soap is worrying. Some are "hard as stones" and some are "brittle like eggs". For hotels and hotel soaps that do not have uniform standards in the industry, how to distinguish between good and bad?
Identifying the quality of hotel hotel soaps is mainly distinguished from the four aspects of "looking, smelling, feeling, using".
The soap box is a container for placing soap and soap, and is used for keeping the soap dry and clean, and convenient for use. Mainly used in hotel sinks, washrooms, bathrooms, etc., is an indispensable item in hotel room supplies.
In life, the "body" of the soap and soap we use will become thinner and thinner until we finally break the waist and become thin two pieces. However, although the thin soap is inconvenient to use, it is a pity to lose it. In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem. Turning the soap head into soap is enough to make it work.
As one of the six small pieces of the hotel, it is also a cleansing and washing item that is not indispensable in our lives. Soap has always been known to us. When it comes to choosing soap, will you hesitate?
    There are many kinds of soaps on the market, such as essential oil soaps for girls, full-featured medicated soaps, and handmade soaps that everyone loves. Faced with so many classifications, what problems will be encountered in hotel procurement when selecting, how can we choose a one-off hotel soap that satisfies the guests?
    The types of soaps on the market can be subdivided into 7 categories: general soaps, fine soaps, floating soaps, oily soaps, transparent soaps, special-type soaps, and essential oil soaps. These different materials of soap have various advantages. Like in the summer, the weather is hot, we sweat more, the oil on the skin, dead horny cells, dust and other acidic dirt is very easy to clog the pores, while the plant weak alkali soap has the cleaning ability, the cleaning effect is not ordinary.
Regardless of which material is purchased, we should pay attention to the following points when selecting:
    First, look at the foam; the soap will produce a fine, stable and tight foam when used, so that the soap will not feel dry and tight after use.
    Second, smell aroma; a good soap in addition to a strong aroma, it will make people feel refreshed. Fragrant but not greasy is worth buying.
    Third, the heavy appearance; the soap is well-defined, the whole soap body is full and round, the hotel will not shrink and crack when stored, affecting the quality.
    Fourth, touch the hardness; soft and hard to moderate, too hard and not easy to dissolve disintegration, and the soap is too soft, it is not easy to save after using it once.
    5. Product safety; packaging and product packaging are fully marked, indicating product implementation standards and functions.
    The above is the point to be aware of when purchasing soap. I hope that it will help you when you buy soap.