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What are the difficulties of hotel supplies exiting the hotel industry?

What are the difficulties of hotel supplies exiting the hotel industry?

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The development and prosperity of China's hotel industry has spawned the hotel supplies production industry. At present, the provision of disposable products in the hotel industry in China is still a common phenomenon, and the demand is huge. In some places in Guangdong and Jiangsu where hotel supplies manufacturers are concentrated, hotel supplies are more important as an important industry for local economic development.
The waste caused by hotel disposables is serious, and the enormous pressure on some environmental protection caused by plastic products is an indisputable fact. In the face of the general trend of reducing waste, environmental protection and green consumption, does the manufacturer have any action? Once the disposable products are withdrawn from the hotel industry, what impact will it have on the business and local economic development?
The market demand is large, and the industry is developing rapidly.
According to an ordinary three-star hotel, this hotel has 220 rooms with an occupancy rate of 80%. It is calculated by consuming 1.5 toothbrushes per room per day (some rooms live for 1 person and some rooms for 2 people) The hotel consumes about 96,000 toothbrushes per year. According to China's 280,000 hotels, it needs 26 billion a year. There are hotels of all sizes in China. The number of rooms is different and the consumption is different. Such an algorithm may not be accurate, but the mid-range three-star example can explain the problem to a certain extent. There is such a huge demand for a toothbrush in the district. The variety of disposable products in the hotel can be described as numerous. There is no doubt that disposable hotel supplies have broad market demand. In this context, there are many disposable hotel supplies manufacturers in China.
The industrial characteristic of Hangji Town, Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province is the production of hotel supplies. This is the industrial cluster of hotel supplies production. Yang Lin, president of Yangzhou Hotel Commodity Association, said that in Hangji Town, there are more than 1,500 hotel daily necessities manufacturers and supporting enterprises, and the products occupy more than 60% of the domestic market. It is the distribution center of national tourism products and hotel daily necessities. It is conceivable that this industry has made a great contribution to the local economic development.
“This industry is in the early stage of rapid development.” Ye Hua, executive deputy mayor of Hangji Town, said, “Every year our hotel supplies industry maintains a high growth rate of 10% to 20%.”
The Pearl River Delta region is another densely populated hotel in the domestic hotel supplies industry. It has gathered many large and small, high, medium and low-end hotel supplies companies in Shantou, Shenzhen and Dongguan. Xu Man, secretary general of the Guangdong Hotel Supplies Industry Association, told reporters that the most concentrated place for Guangdong hotel supplies, especially disposables manufacturers, is Shantou, and one of the characteristics is that most of them are small and medium enterprises.
The situation in Yangzhou is similar to that of Shantou. Zhou Weijun, general manager of Chongqing Luolai Ya Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. said that although this industry has existed for nearly 20 years, it is still in the initial stage of development. The hotel supplies industry with a market size of tens of billions of yuan has not seen a large enterprise of 1 billion yuan like other mature industries. Even the largest manufacturer of hotel toothpaste has a sales volume of only 300 million yuan.
Cancellation of disposable products has a big impact on the industry
"If this Guangdong legislation is passed, it will be a devastating blow to the industry." Zhou Weijun recently tried to make the hotel "no free one-off items for free or disguised free of charge" and "violation of a fine of less than 10,000 yuan" There are concerns about writing into the regulations, because many of their ordering parties are in the Pearl River Delta region.
Xu Man said that the hotel disposables production industry is a low-profit industry. Due to fierce competition, the profit of a toothbrush is only a few cents. Most SMEs rely on the volume. "They have a poor ability to withstand risks. If the hotel's one-off items are 'cut across the board', the companies will definitely die a lot." Xu Man said, "We said in the legislative proposal to the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress that we hope to withdraw." The buffer period gives them the opportunity to transform their production."
Many manufacturers and dealers have said that the withdrawal of Guangdong one-off supplies from the “legislative storm” has caused them to feel tremendous pressure. The final cancellation of the fines made them realize that this is a space for them to set aside the transformation and upgrading, cherish this space and accelerate Product upgrades are the most urgent thing at the moment.
He Zhiyong, general manager of Hetel (Shanghai) Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. said that the constant controversy in this industry confirms that the barrier to entry is very low, but in fact it is very demanding. If everyone is crowded at the low end, no one can go. .
For the withdrawal of disposable products from the hotel industry, some high-end hotel supplies companies have a relatively flat attitude. In their view, disposable products will be smoother than exiting budget hotels, but the demand for disposable items in high-end hotels will not be reduced or disappeared so quickly. Baijin Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. in Libeiling Industrial Zone, Dalang Town, Dongguan City is aimed at high-end star hotel customers. Zeng Haolong, manager of the Dongguan area of ​​the company, said: "We have about 10 hotel disposable products brands, and the products produced are very high-end. Many Italian and French imported toiletries are very popular among five-star hotels. Now we supply nearly 100 in South China. Home hotels only supply thirty or forty in Dongguan."
Zeng Haolong believes that the current "cancellation order" environment is not mature, but it is foreseeable that there will be a mature day, and enterprises should be prepared for this.