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What is the use value of hotel non-woven slippers?

What is the use value of hotel non-woven slippers?

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Disposable slippers have better waterproof and anti-slip properties and air permeability. Due to the various features of the disposable slipper design, the disposable slipper has various advantages such as air permeability, waterproof and slip resistance, water absorption and the like. In this case, the disposable slippers will wear a non-slip effect. In view of this kind of advantages, the hotel can safely choose disposable slippers, because guests not only like clean slippers, but also like slippers that are very comfortable to wear.
The hotel's disposable slippers products are made of soft, soft and high-quality fabrics, including terry cloth, dense velvet, coral velvet, etc., which are not irritating to the skin. The most quiet adjustment can be made according to different foot types. The three-wire car mechanism is chosen to be very strong and not easy to fall. Can be used in electronics manufacturing, dust-free workshops, food service, food processing, schools, spray processing, stamping hardware, health centers, hand-added industries, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals, factories, environmental cleaning, public places and many other uses!
Sometimes, even if the protection is particularly good, for the elderly who are old, if you do not pay attention to safety, accidents will occur if you are not careful.
For my manufacturer of slippers, our slippers have such a good sales year, indicating that the market is really in demand.
Nowadays, there are many kinds of skin diseases. The people who live in the hotel are all kinds of different, what kind of athlete's foot, etc. It is very bad to infect others. If I go out to live in a hotel, I also want to wear something that I only use for myself. I don't want to wear anything that others have used. I believe most people who love clean will think so.
Disposable slippers are very lightweight and very soft and comfortable to wear. Although disposable slippers are relatively simple to produce and low in cost, their comfort and softness are unquestionable and comfortable to wear. Therefore, the hotel can be assured to buy, choose a clean disposable slippers to serve customers.
The hotel uses disposable slippers, which not only makes customers feel that the hotel's environment is more sanitary, but also the comfortable and clean place. At the same time, comfortable disposable hotel supplies can also bring a lot of good feelings to customers, to a certain extent, the reputation of the hotel. There will be very good help. It can be said that the use of disposable products in the hotel not only helps the customers, but also greatly contributes to the improvement of their corporate culture. Therefore, why are hotel managers not happy with such good things that benefit others?