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How should hotel slippers be removed?

How should hotel slippers be removed?

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Disposable slippers are non-slip, comfortable to wear, convenient and hygienic, etc., generally suitable for hotels, hotels, foot baths, saunas and other places. Disposable slippers also have many advantages, such as it has good air permeability, filterability, heat preservation, water absorption, water resistance, slip resistance and flexibility, and it is not unkempt and has certain flexibility when using it. It can be restored, which makes it very fixed in size, not easy to deform, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, and light in body. The most important thing is that it is hygienic, one-off, and you don't have to worry about hygiene.
Disposable slippers are more convenient when they are produced. Because the various sizes of disposable slippers are certain, it is easier to produce. Unlike cotton slippers that can be recycled, the requirements for the fabric of the slippers are high, and the requirements for fabrics for disposable slippers are very low. Manufacturers do not have to consider too many factors in production, and only need a suitable size to quickly produce a lot of disposable slippers.
Although disposable slippers are relatively simple to produce and low in cost, their comfort and softness are unquestionable and comfortable to wear. Therefore, the hotel can be assured to buy, choose a clean disposable slippers to serve customers.
Disposable slippers are really convenient for those of us who are often out of the door, safe and healthy, and have been welcomed and loved by many people.
Although disposable slippers are disposable, sometimes it is necessary to wear a disposable slippers for a long time. If our shoes produce some odor, how can we handle them?
1. Put the quicklime powder into a small bag before going to sleep every night, put it into the shoe to absorb moisture. The lime bag can also kill the bacteria inside the shoe, and can play a certain role in removing the smell of the shoe, and can be used repeatedly.
2. Use a piece of slightly hard paper to wrap the mothballs into the shoes; or crush the mothballs and sprinkle the powder evenly over the shoes. Put on the insole on it, just a pair of mothballs on a pair of shoes. This will keep the inside of the shoe dry and remove the smell of the shoe. Mothballs have a good antibacterial effect and can also kill bacteria that multiply due to moisture.
3. Alum also has the effect of deodorizing, you can sprinkle some alum powder into the shoes. (General Western pharmacies are available for sale)
4. The simpler method is to sprinkle salt in the shoes, which can absorb sweat and deodorize. (But it’s a little more troublesome to clean up)
5. You can buy some deodorant-like sprays on the market, and spray a spray in the shoes every day to relieve the smell of shoes.
6. Put some alcohol into the shoes with cotton. After a night, the alcohol will evaporate and the odor will be removed. You can wear it the next day.
7. Pack some dried tea leaves in glass stockings, and put them in the shoes, which have the functions of clean, disinfection and volatile smell.
Disposable slippers are prone to mildew in humid environment. Always ensure that the slippers are naturally dried before storage. Before storing the slippers, ensure that there is enough space for the slippers. Put the moisture-proof agent in the shoe box and use the shoes to support the slippers to prevent the squeeze. And deformation.