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Different grades of hotels choose the standard of hotel supplies slippers

Different grades of hotels choose the standard of hotel supplies slippers

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In order to save costs and maximize profits, many hotels provide inferior and low-cost disposables to customers. This is simply a self-destruction of customers, and the hotel should not be lost because of small! The disposable items in the room must be carefully selected.
     Slippers in hotel room supplies are indispensable. Some hotels have begun to provide slippers such as plastics that can be recycled. However, the customer experience is generally poor, and unsanitary ideas linger in the hearts of every guest. Disposable slippers are still everyone's favorite, so what kind of disposable slippers do you know with different grades?
  The main premise of the purchase of disposable products is to ensure the quality. The value of the product is not limited to the cost of production, but also includes some costs for its post-packaging and promotion. The hotel should choose a formal disposable products manufacturer to cooperate, so that there is quality assurance, but also save a lot of processes.
     The selection of disposable items should also be combined with the hotel itself, packaging and so on to meet the hotel style and environment. All kinds of packaging may be eye-catching, but only the real place to feel the effect is the most accurate, with the coordination of the guests will be more comfortable.
What grades of disposable slippers are available for different grades of hotels:
     1. Economic hotel. For hotels with low house prices, the cost should be considered more. The selected slippers can be used for the purpose of use. The price of slippers that can be selected for non-woven fabrics is generally between 0.5 and 1.5 yuan.
     2, mid-range hotel. Mid-range hotels should pay attention to the use of comfort, pull fluff, terry cloth or dense velvet slippers can choose, wear experience and feel good, the price fluctuates between 1.6-2.5 yuan.
     3, high-end hotel. High-end hotels should provide better service to the guests. Slippers should be both beautiful and practical. For example, waffle, coral velvet, cut velvet, etc. are all good choices, the price must be improved, but the quality is indeed different.
     However, no matter what grade of slippers, the hotel should pay special attention to the slip of the soles, we must ensure the safety of the guests.