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What are the four indicators of hotel supplies procurement?

What are the four indicators of hotel supplies procurement?

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The opportunities and crises facing the world are the same. The development model of hotels should be changed at any time. The procurement of hotel supplies is particularly important. Let us talk about the four directions of hotel supplies procurement.
1, safe and healthy.
    The hotel should put the safety and health of the guests in the first place. This is the basic principle of hotel supplies procurement. If this is not guaranteed, then which guest dares to stay? Therefore, we must choose products with regular manufacturers. Even if we find that the products are insufficient, we can negotiate to improve compensation and other matters. If there are any potential hazards in the small workshops and unlicensed products, the hotel can only be Say it should be alive.
2, exquisite and beautiful.
    Based on the products that can be used normally, there is no doubt that having a beautiful appearance is sure to attract more guests. I have to admit that the value is very important.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection.
    The shortage of resources and environmental pollution are global problems. Under such circumstances, various energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products are emerging one after another, and people are paying more and more attention to this. Hotel products must also follow the big forces, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly products can save the hotel a lot of costs.
4. Technological innovation.
    The rapid development of science and technology, high-tech products are favored by more people, these novel high-end products can always attract a large number of guests to experience, the hotel can seize the curiosity of customers at the forefront of technology.
In order to save costs and maximize profits, many hotels provide inferior and low-cost disposables to customers. This is simply a self-destruction of customers, and the hotel should not be lost because of small! The disposable items in the room must be carefully selected.
     The main premise of the purchase of disposable products is to ensure the quality. The value of the product is not limited to the cost of production, but also includes some costs for its post-packaging and promotion. The hotel should choose a formal disposable products manufacturer to cooperate, so that there is quality assurance, but also save a lot of processes.
     The selection of disposable items should also be combined with the hotel itself, packaging and so on to meet the hotel style and environment. All kinds of packaging may be eye-catching, but only the real place to feel the effect is the most accurate, with the coordination of the guests will be more comfortable.
     Remember, the heart of the hotel's caring for the guests will be reflected in the carefully selected products, which is value for money.