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Introduce the development advantages of hotel paid supplies

Introduce the development advantages of hotel paid supplies

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The hotel's paid supplies refer to the continuous maturity of people's awareness of consumption and environmental protection. Developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan have cancelled the placement of six small free items and replaced them with paid-for items.
    We can say that the emergence of hotel paid supplies not only responds to the call for national environmental protection; it also meets the requirements of the current low-carbon life in society; it is more in line with the national demand for prevention of AIDS in the hotel; and enriches the hotel's industrial culture. Adding new vitality to the development of the hotel; it also provides greater management space for hotel managers.
    Hotel paid supplies are an emerging market. The lower-priced low-cost suit economy products will replace high-priced products! The free disposable items (small six pieces) in hotels and hotel rooms have a tendency to cancel, because disposable products are not only environmentally-friendly products, but also generate a large amount of waste every year, and the disposable pollution rate is 60% per product. Above, this not only brings losses to the society but also harms the physical and mental health of the consumers.
The hotel should respond to the national environmental protection call and contribute to the low-carbon green life of the society. In the tide of free disposable one-time supplies, it is now necessary to focus on the development of paid supplies. At this stage we have to understand the following points.
     Development trend: "Being behind is going to be beaten" - this sentence will never be out of date, the hotel must smell the development trend in advance, follow the footsteps of the times, advance with the times, in order to have long-term development. Recognizing the current trend and adapting to the trend of development, we can enrich the hotel industry culture and inject new vitality into the development of the hotel.
     To meet the needs of customers: the hotel must be based on the purpose of providing customers with quality services, can not provide customers with one-off items, then the hotel must be set for the privacy and convenience of customer spending, and in the service attitude And ways to improve to win customer satisfaction.
Creating profit margins: Disposables are banned, but they are also good – they have broadened the way for hotels to increase their income. This part of the profit is quite considerable, accounting for about 60% of the total profit.
     Saving environmental protection: The freely available method has caused many customers to waste a lot of disposable products, and paid supplies can effectively stimulate customers to consciously save money. Environmental protection is a common concern of the whole society. Whether it is a hotel or an individual, environmental protection must be in the heart. This is our common living environment and requires everyone to contribute.
     The development of hotel paid supplies is very impressive, is it an opportunity to see your grasp!