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Analysis of the difference between theme hotel and featured hotel

Analysis of the difference between theme hotel and featured hotel

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Theme hotels and specialty hotels are two concepts that are both connected and different: the theme hotel must be a special hotel, and the featured hotel is not necessarily the theme hotel.
The main hotel features a special theme hotel. Characterization is the trend of hotel development in the 21st century. October 2001. The trial operation of the Venice Crown Hotel in Shenzhen, based on the Venetian culture and folklore of the Italian Water City. It marks the concept of officially introducing the theme hotel or characteristic hotel in the Chinese hotel industry. Then Chengdu Jingchuan Hotel. Dujiangyan Hexiang Villa. Xiamen Music Island Hotel. A large number of hotels with the theme hotel as the flagship of Beijing Jiuhua Villa continue to emerge. Thematic. The specialization has become a hot spot in the Chinese hotel industry.
At present, the common phenomenon of *T' is that many people are used to equating the theme hotel with the characteristic hotel. Some people even use the concept of 'themed hotel.' However, what is the theme hotel and what is the characteristic hotel? What is it, what is the difference and connection, only to understand these basic issues. The construction of China's theme hotels and specialty hotels can develop healthily.
Actually. Theme hotels and specialty hotels are two concepts that are both connected and different. The theme hotel must be unique to the featured hotel. Novelty. Culturality is the foundation for the survival and development of themed hotels and specialty hotels. From this level. Theme hotels and specialty hotels are homogenous. Both have the following characteristics first. Distinctive cultural characteristics.
Both make the hotel an architectural symbol from the exterior by introducing certain genes from human civilization. Decorative Arts. To the connotation of the product portfolio. Service quality can be differentiated from traditional hotels to form a special feature. The visual sense of the consumer. The psychological experience creates an impact. Namely: use the power of culture to achieve the ultimate victory in market competition. It should be noted that the culture mentioned here is a broad concept. It contains all the human material civilization and spiritual civilization.
second. Zhang Yang's personality characteristics.
Different from traditional hotels. Theme hotels and specialty hotels focus on creating differences. Strive to build in the hotel. Product design and service provide innovation in all aspects, surprisingly, thus breaking through the traditional pattern of thousands of stores. The personality of the hotel is the result of the theme hotel and the characteristic hotel.
third. High quality consumer objects.
Due to its distinctive cultural characteristics and personality characteristics, except for a small number of singers. The vast majority of consumers who are attracted are those who have a higher taste for life. Body flavor. Feeling the atmosphere is an important motivation for them to purchase hotel products. The hotel actually became the same hobby. Interest is close. People with a common language clustered together.
People are here to spend. In addition to meeting basic physiological needs. Pay more attention to spiritual enjoyment and resonance.
Featured hotels are not necessarily themed hotels. Many hotels currently feature restaurants. Featured room. Featured bar. The distinctive decorative style has achieved the status of "characteristics". However, these hotels can only be called characteristic hotels, but can not be regarded as theme hotels. The difference between the two is that the cultural characteristics of the featured hotels can be all over the world, including all kinds of human beings. The crystallization of civilization can be the target of choice. The theme of the theme hotel must be closely related to the geographical characteristics of the hotel.
The introduction of a distinctive hotel culture can be limited to a certain part of the hotel. A certain link. Different cultural content can also be expressed in a hotel. The theme hotel emphasizes the theme of the hotel as a whole, and it is necessary to build a complete hotel system around the theme. The design and combination of hotel hardware and software should be carried out around a unified theme, each functional area. The details of each service should serve to deepen and develop a different theme. That is to say. Around the same core connotation. Take advantage of the hotel's entire space and services to create an omnipresent theme culture.
Because of its uniqueness and novelty. Featured hotels can create a sensational effect. But compared to the theme hotel. But it shows a clear life cycle. Because of the lack of localization. The characteristics formed cannot be organically integrated with the urban spirit of the hotel, and the branding power is weakened: due to the lack of systemization, the feature lacks a strong support system. The influence of the function is limited. therefore. Features are easily imitated and copied. With the constant emergence of homogenous competitors and the fatigue of customers' consumption. The characteristics become a commonality, and the product has reached its life cycle.
The definition of the theme hotel and the featured hotel According to the above analysis, the author believes that the so-called characteristic hotel refers to the introduction of unique nature. Cultural resources and modern scientific and technological achievements give the hotel a look. Atmosphere or service product A hotel that is different from a traditional hotel and can give consumers a unique feeling. The theme hotel refers to the most influential regional features of the hotel. Cultural traits are materials and design. put up. The hotel's main feature of decorating, producing and providing services is to give the hotel a certain theme and to build a hotel atmosphere and management system with a full range of differences around this theme. This creates a unique charm and personality that cannot be imitated and reproduced, and achieves the purpose of improving the quality and taste of the hotel products.