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What are the common hotel supplies we stay at? (two)

What are the common hotel supplies we stay at? (two)

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Third, the shower cap
1. The high pressure shower cap is transparent and has a good finish. Normally, the thickness is based on the standard.
2. The low pressure shower cap looks cloudy and has a poor finish.
3. The thickness of the shower cap is: 1 wire, 1.3 wire, 1.5 wire, 1.8 wire
Four, razor
1. Blade carbon steel and stainless steel, with double-layer blade and three-layer blade
2. The cutter head is divided into fixed cutter head and upper and lower movable cutter head
3. The handle is divided into hard plastic, soft plastic, movable cutter head is used ABS
4. Must have 3g, 4g, 5g, 6g, 8g, 10g, 15g
Five, slippers
1. Slippers are divided into two sets and one bag.
2. The fabric has cut velvet, waffle, gold velvet, dense velvet, towel, really beautiful cloth, pull plush, loop velvet, velvet, non-woven fabric
3. The material of the sole is EVA, with a whitened sole, original hemp, linen, water ripple, pineapple, and willow
4. The bottoming slippers are complicated to work, the materials are all above medium, and are basically used in hotels above Samsung.
5. A bag of slippers is relatively simple to work, the materials are all below medium, basically used in hotels below Samsung
Six, sewing kit
1. Cardboard with 4-wire, 5-wire, 6-wire, and winding has white cardboard, silver cardboard, and gold cardboard. . . .
2. The sewing box is a plastic box. The needles and wires inside are well worn. Normally there are 6 lines and 10 lines.
Seven, coasters
1. Normal absorbent paper, white cardboard laminating, rubber (reusable)
Eight, soap
1. Soap has various shapes, various colors, various flavors
2. Packed with pearl film, transparent film, coated paper, cling film, etc...
Nine, shoe cloth
1. The shape has a semi-rounded shape, a rounded shape, and a glove type.
2. Fabrics are pure cotton, plush, non-woven, paper.
Ten, care package
1. Normally there are cotton swabs, cotton balls, nail files, nail clippers, and cotton pads.
Eleven, shampoo, bath
1. Hose filling, hose with matt, matte, pearlescent, opalescent
2. Plastic bottle filling, the material of the bottle is PE, PC
3. The above is filled with 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 35ml, 40ml, 45ml, 50ml. . . .
4. There are also bags, normal is 8ml, 10ml
5. The liquid is also divided into various colors and various fragrance types.
Twelve, tea bags
1. There are green tea, black tea, and flower tea
2. Packed with ordinary tea paper, coated paper, plastic bags
3. The net content is normal 1.3g
Thirteen, gift bags
1. Materials are kraft paper, white cardboard, plastic
2. Kraft paper and white cardboard are normally used with 230g, 250g paper
3. Plastic gift bag normal single side 4-10 wire thickness
Fourteen, matches
1. Normal is a cube and a cuboid
2. The size of the cube is 5.8*1.8*1.8cm
3. The size of the cuboid is 5.8*3.6*0.9cm
4. Other special specifications 8*1.5*1.5cm, 11*3.5*1cm
5. Matches are equipped with 8, 10, 12, 15
Fifteen, packaging
1. Environmentally friendly paper (50g, 60g plain cotton paper)
2. Guangdong environmental protection paper, the characteristics are not easy to fold, smooth and smooth
3. Plastic bags
4. White cardboard, silver card paper, gold card paper, special craft paper