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What should I pay attention to when buying a hotel razor online?

What should I pay attention to when buying a hotel razor online?

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There are many people who wholesale disposable razors online, especially like some novices have entered the army of online shopping, but online disposable razors wholesale is also risky, then how can we avoid these untrustworthy websites, now many Disposable razor wholesale website is not a real manufacturer, but after some offline manufacturers wholesale, carry out 2 sales, or go to some regular websites to find the corresponding pictures, posing as their own products, which greatly reduced Cost, but bring a little trouble to the disposable razor wholesaler or disposable razor dealers, because they can't see the real thing, so they have doubts about these disposable razors, and finally lead to the deceived or the ultimate consumer!
1. First look at whether it is a regular company
    If even the company is not registered, such a disposable razor wholesale network is either to adjust the market to sell, or to do some sales of recycled goods, etc., the quality of goods is difficult to be guaranteed.
2. Customer service response speed
    The more formal the website is, the more attention is paid to the details. The response speed of the customer service affects the customer's experience on the website, and also affects the performance of the network sales. The quality of the same customer service is also a reflection of the strength of the company.
3. Is the disposable razor a factory outlet?
    At present, there are many disposable razors on the network that are sold or recycled, not factory direct. There have been many problems, such as physical and photo inconsistency, poor physical quality, high price of goods, etc., causing many unnecessary losses; and the real manufacturer will provide customers with pictures of the production process in the first time. With pictures of production materials.
4. Whether to support offline orders
    If you can't support offline orders, you should first consider whether this business is a liar company. Of course, some companies may have certain requirements for on-site inspection because of the large number of agents. For example, some companies will require a one-time wholesale of 100 boxes and a deposit in advance to support the door-to-door inspection. One is to maximize the Optimizing the customer service work process, and secondly, ensuring the normal service to each dealer to the greatest extent, such requirements are understandable. Therefore, in terms of whether or not to support the door-to-door inspection, it is necessary for everyone to distinguish and analyze more carefully, and cannot be generalized.
5. To see the delivery speed of the website, the delivery speed of some websites is very slow, which seriously affects the customer's trust in the seller and causes the loss of customer resources.
    Therefore, when choosing a wholesale website, be sure to ask about the time of delivery. After the delivery, it depends on whether the website supports return or exchange. Some websites need to pay attention when they are shoddy or when there are quality problems in the product, and they refuse to return and exchange for various reasons.